Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June Small Goals + Things I Did in May

Yeah, soooooooo...goals didn't go that great last month. I got a lot of other stuff done, though?! Here's how it all went down.

May Goals

1. Start working on wedding invitations.
SORT OF. I know what I want them to look like (in theory), which require a photographer and a few props. A friend has already agreed to help with the photos, and I've already ordered the props. Now I'm just waiting for them to arrive!

2. Go try on wedding dresses. I didn't do this. I didn't do anything related to this ;_; I MUST DO IT THIS MONTH.

3. Write a post about Geekerella and Geekerella: The Box! I didn't do this either :'( I was too lazy to take photos of the items. I'm sorry!!!

Other things I did in May:
- Worked a 2 week run of The Little Mermaid
- Free Comic Book Day!
- The food tasting for my wedding!!!
- Saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Loved it!
- Took 2 weeks of yoga classes at a legit yoga studio. I learned so much!

June Goals


2. Have a meet and greet with all my bridesmaids. Two of them know each other, and the other two know each other, but all four of them haven't met each other, hahah.

3. Go to PRIDE! I've never been before, and I'm really excited!

4. Finish fine-tuning the wedding guest list. Since I'm going to work on the invites this month, I want to have the guest list ready.

Lots of wedding goals this month! Hopefully I get some of them done, hahah.

What are your goals this month?

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Geeky Girl Tag

Happy Sunday! I haven't done a tag post in a long time (I haven't done any sort of post in a long time), but I got tagged by Ashlee (Her Geekery) and I thought this one looked like fun! A lot of my bloggy friends have already done it, and I've loved reading their answers. So here's mine :)

1) What is your must-have tech gadget?
Does my computer count? I think that would kind of be a no-brainer :P Otherwise I guess my phone? Sounds basic, I know...but it does go with me everywhere...

2) Which House do you belong to in Hogwarts?
Well, Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor; however I am not daring, brave, or chivalrous. I am short tempered, though. Personally I think I'm more of a Hufflepuff.

EDIT: Ok so I decided to take the quiz again just now, and I got RAVENCLAW! I still stand by my previous statement, but I do think Ravenclaw is more fitting than Gryffindor.

3) Who is your favorite Doctor?
Not a Whovian, sorry :P I've started the series two different times and just couldn't get into it.

4) If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would it be?

Johnny Gat, bitches

5) What is your gaming system of choice?
PC all the way. I mean, how else would I play WoW and HotS? Even with games that are both PC and console I tend to go PC; for the most part I just enjoy playing with mouse and keyboard compared to game controllers.

6) If you had a superpower, what would it be?
I don't drive, so flying would be really convenient! And think of how much money you would save.

7) What is your favorite fantasy world?
Pandaria. My brother says that makes me a weeb, hahah. But I mean it's AN ISLAND ON TOP OF A GIANT TURTLE.

8) If you could be any fictional race, what would you be?
(See above)

9) Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Wars! I don't have anything against Star Trek...but I haven't actually seen it aside from the newer movies. A lot of people I know that are into Star Trek have that nostalgia thing because their parents used to watch it, but my parents weren't into that sort of thing!

10) List your top 5 geektastic movies or TV shows.
The X-Files, Gotham, Star Wars, Futurama, Stranger Things (also I don't know if this qualifies as "geektastic" but just wanted to say I'm really into Crazy Ex Girlfriend right now).

11) List your top 5 video games.
Saints Row (just...all of them, #cheater), Heroes of the Storm, Dynasty Warriors, Telltale's The Walking Dead (again, all of them), WoW and Overwatch. Yeah that's more than 5, WHAT OF IT.

Now I'm going to tag Cuteek! But no pressure if you're not into tags!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

International Tabletop Day

One of my favorite unofficial "holidays" is International Tabletop Day! This year it fell on April 29th. It's all about getting together with your friends, family, or even a bunch of random people at the game store, to play games together! The last few years I had to work on ITTD, but this year I actually had the day off! Wahoo!

International Tabletop Day

My brother and I started the day by going to our local tabletop store, Outflank Games. They're a fairly new store, and I'm so glad to finally have a game store in town. We used to have one in the next town over, but they closed! So we lived without for awhile, getting games at Barnes and Noble instead (and nothing against B&N, I love it there, but it's not the same as a tabletop store and we all know it). Anyway! We went to the store. They were hosting game tutorials all day, but we only went to go check out all the games they had on sale. I decided to pick up the game Dead Fellas! We didn't get a chance to play it that day, we ended up playing other games, but I'm excited to try it out soon!

After the game store we went to my fam's house, and the first game we played was Archer: Once You Go Blackmail... which is a spin off of the game Love Letter. Before getting this game I had never played Love Letter, although it had been on my mental "to play" list. When I found an Archer version of the game (I LOVE THAT SHOW) I knew it was a sign for me to finally learn how to play it. Except I had bought it...last year...and played it for the first time...last Saturday. Oops. But! We had a lot of fun! It took me a few rounds to get the hang of it, but once I did I really enjoyed it :) I loved that the point counters were Pam's dolphin puppet!!

Archer: Once You Go Blackmail Love Letter

Later that evening we played Munchkin! There are lots of different themed Munchkin games, but the one we played was Munchkin Fu (which is China/martial arts themed). Andrew gave it to my older brother for Christmas a few years ago because he's heavily involved in martial arts :P If you've never played these games I'd recommend starting with the original set. After that, pick up whichever set you think sounds the coolest. My favorite is Star Munchkin!

Munchkin Fu

What are your favorite games? Did you play anything on Tabletop Day?